Are we being led (by whom?) into a host of problems around money, health and relationships? Are you in a crisis where you are unable to come out of debt or achieve peace of mind due to your financial situation? Are your health being challenged due to body weight and being unable to use your body as and how you want to being energetic each and everyday? Are you in a relationship where you get more unhappiness than tranquility and love that you desire?

Do you know you are being led into a path of total destruction either with your money and financial management, health and fitness being challenged with obesity, lack of energy, or either in a relationship which came to a state of continuity without any juice and love in it? Are you the reason for all your problems? Thats a lot of questions as a start. Read more.

In this article you will discover some hidden secrets to achieve breakthroughs in these 3 major areas of life. You will be directed to the leaders who made breakthroughs in each of these areas that anyone of us would desire to learn and make lots of progress without pain and hopelessness. First of all let's go through some powerful findings of why we are in this situation at the first place. Let's look at the science and common sense behind the challenges we face to live a life of our dreams.

Most of the problems that we face are a kind of slavery that gets implanted in our mind. This slavery comes in the form of fear of failure. But the danger of such natural fear is you are kept in a state of failure in fear of failure. That may sound wierd but thats the truth. Mental limitations keeps us shackled from excelling or breaking free from debt, fixing or getting out of a bad relationship or to get in shape or maintain good health and amicable physique.

Remember the baby elephant story or baby elephant syndrome? Let's go through the story once again. But this time us in that position.

Why do we have to connect this syndrome with the pain we go through? If we look at the similarities of us and the baby elephant situation, we will discover something very common to both of us. When you are a toddler you will not accept a no for an answer. As you grow, you are conditioned to accept no for an answer whenever you come up with an idea or something which others may feel is not the norm or ridiculous. Then comes the adulthood which is no better as far as becoming free and living a life of your dream is concerned. You are shackled with several bills to be paid, an hourly pay letting you survive only if you are willing to live a miserable life by sacrificing your time, health, family and all the happiness that comes with it. You are tagged with a value that others see fit in you.

Again and again you are subjected to believe this is the normal and the only way fishes can swim in the river, in one direction. If you want to maneuver in a better way, you are asked to add value to you. The only way you are taught to add value to you is either by working hard, which you are doing as far as the shackle of responsibility and penalties are concerned against your time and everything else in life, or you are asked to go into more debt and take huge risks which involve you and your family’s well being to get an education where you will never be taught to become wealthy or free but make you delve more into the system which made you a slave in the first place. This guarantees a ticket for you to stay in the same hole as long as you live. Very few who rebels against the system and strive against the norm makes a breakthrough to rightfully get what they desire. Why does the population en masse gets enslaved in poverty and in a hidden hidden system of economic slavery causing health wealth and relationship problems? Most of the systems in place are meant for the better good of the whole community or society as a whole. The only thing which gets in our way is, as the human race advances in all the areas of life, those who tasted the power then, will now refuse to leave the status quo for the greater good. The fear of losing all the power and wealth they are accumulating from an outdated system prevents the change.

The greatest hallmark of human lives setting us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom is that we have the freedom of choice. According to Marc Hauser, director of the cognitive evolution lab at Harvard University, the mental traits and abilities that distinguish us from our fellow Earthlings are: generative computation, promiscuous combination of ideas, the use of mental symbols, and abstract thought.

This freedom of choice has been challenged by our own ego of superiority complex. Many events have taken place throughout the history which portrays the same behavior of enslaving each other due to many unreasonable beliefs. The habit of us not giving the benefit of doubt that the next person you are standing with or the unfortunate person who are several steps lower than you in the ladder of hierarchy that you are climbing, can be equally intelligent and capable or even more than you is a technique we all use to feed ourselves.

Our freedom of choice cannot be fully embraced to take advantage of, if we are with a closed mindset. The limiting beliefs are most of the time passed down to us through a system which exists in the fabric of our society. This system dictates several beliefs which takes shape and becomes our own story, and the story with which we will bring up the next generation. For this reason our misery becomes our own selves. For example, 90% of the population will live day in day out with limiting stories like, I can't do any better, the people who get rich are the people who are rich at the first place. I do not have what it takes. My partner will never be satisfied. I will never be able to control my diet. I can't exercise. I have a genetic disorder. My body won't allow me to. I can’t save because I don’t earn enough and so own and so forth.

Those who overcome and are fortunate to break free from our own mental limitations, always does what it takes to break free from the limiting cycle of life and adopt resourcefulness, mind of openness and absolute freedom. A moment in their lives, where frustration becomes so high that they stop accepting ‘NO’ for an answer and act upon their instinct to succeed or to come out of the lousy limiting stories. This is exactly the difference between us becoming successful or living a life of misery or living a life of health wealth and happiness.

So what are we looking for here? The trigger, the moment of breakthrough. These moments of breakthroughs happens not in years, months or days, but in a moment in time of everyone's life. It may take 10 years to come to the point of such a frustration or inspiration for us to be triggered. This article that you are reading has been a recipe for the “Miracle moment or breakthrough” for thousands of people like you, who said never again and no more, enough is enough.

The moment where we will not be willing to go back even one step back is the moment, the trigger that we are looking for. Each one of us have have already experienced many moments in our lives where sky seem to have cleared out and your determination a 100% and your road to achievement became clear as diamond.

Think of one that you have experienced in your life. A relationship breakthrough, a financial breakthrough or your health, weight and fitness. For some it maybe smoking, waking up late or never being good enough in what you do. You get over what was boring you due to a miracle moment that happened in your life. And suddenly you have what it takes to quite smoking, suddenly you find your path to come out of debt. Fix a relationship which was in the brink of a divorce.

Sit back and think about those moments. When you remember these moments which are important to you, now you have to own your moments of breakthrough. Those moments are not mere coincidences but it's right attitude and action which lead you to your breakthroughs. We all have what it takes. We just need an ignition like this article where you learn a lot and get kickstarted along with the tools and empowerment you need to achieve what you want to achieve.

Let’s look at one of the world famous breakthrough moment that happened to a women which became the breakthrough for the humanity as a whole. Some decades ago, in America, the country known to us as the land of the free was very different. You are not allowed to continue sitting in your seat on a bus if a white passenger boarded the bus and if you happen to be a person of color.

An African-American woman boarded a bus in Montgomery Ala., and as usual made herself comfortable in the first available seat. When whites came on board, she was asked (more accurately was ordered) to give up and surrender the seat. She got tired of being pushed around, she refuse to yield and surrender the seat. After several warnings she was removed from the bus and arrested for violating the city codes.

This moment, of being tired and fed up of surrendering herself as a second class person, reached its limit in her mind. This event triggered something so powerful where the act of defiant against the discriminating law became one of the most significant moment in America’s civil rights movement. Most of us knows this courageous woman as Rosa Parks. The date was December 1, 1955.

Park’s act of civil disobedience against a limiting law was the first step towards achieving the great heights and freedom that every American now loves and are proud of. Making America the greatest country in the world.

What does this moment of breakthrough have to do with us, our day to day life now? It has everything to do with us and our daily life. To come out of any limitation that we are facing in our lives, whether it be financial freedom, health or relationship problems or any other problem for that matter, the only thing that we need is a trigger moment backed by the right action to lead you out of darkness or limitation and achieve abundance of happiness or whatever that you desire.

In this age and time we have to avoid awesome strategies to fail ourselves. This is because of what the internet has brought to our lives. Freedom to travel the world and minds of millions of people while you are sitting at your comfort of home or anywhere for that matter. You have to purposefully have to avoid searching for solutions for your financial crisis or wealth. You have to purposefully avoid not to search for a good and working strategy to lose weight and achieve the fitness you desire. You have to avoid looking to solve your relationship problems and save it from a crisis or a divorce. As powerful, working and time tested strategies are all around you, just ready for you to tap into them.

Whenever your life is in misery or you find yourself depressed, it will mostly if not always will fall into one of the three. That is financial, health and relationship. Some people may be in trouble in all three areas while others may need to fix one or two from the three. To fix a problem in our lives and achieve what we need, we always have to concentrate on three factors or areas.

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