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Our bodies, health and fitness are one of the most rightly hyped topic in the world. The issue of our physical fitness and health taking a major part of our concerns is that it is one of the pain points among 3 pain points of life, the other two being wealth/lifestyle and relationships. These 3 pain points show up over and over again as major problems in our lives. The development of new technologies, tools and services that make our lives easy have proven to be not so instrumental in providing a solution for our fitness and health. Around 7 in 10 Americans have a BMI of 25 to 29 or obese having a BMI of 30 or higher. We live in a world where majority of the population is suffering from weight and health related problems. The more the rest of the world adopts some of the western world’s diet and eating habits, the more they are suffering from overweight issues too.

Causes for overweight and obesity.

Our societies have evolved in a way which is not totally aligned with the best interest of our overall health and fitness or in general our biological body. How the food gets proceed to how the economy works, the job market, lifestyle stress and the stress that you develop trying to balance your lost family life contribute towards the ever growing problem. This challenge fail us by making our bodies not work for us rather we our souls being subjected to be enslaved or being trapped in the limitations of a deteriorating body (way sooner than the natural aging processes) in the form of being overweight or lack of energy.

What do I need to do to lose weight and be fit and healthy?

If you want to change any aspect of your life you can always look at 3 things. The three things are, a good strategy to follow, state of your mind and your everyday beliefs and stories.

What is a weight loss strategy? Where can I find one?
If you are reading this now in 2017, you are here to take control of your life, your body and you well-being. You deserve to commend yourself for that. Be rest assured that you are at the right place. Ok so what's a weight loss strategy. A weight losing strategy will be one that will eliminate the frustration of you achieving something by trial and error, overcome the heartache of spending months and years and at the end of the day having to realize that whatever you worked on was not the solution you were looking for. Or a strategy that demands more than you can deliver to achieve a goal without being pragmatic that you have a life to run and bills to pay along with several other responsibilities.

A good weight loss strategy will save you time and effort and will set you on the right cause from day one. A strategy that is good will be time tasted and have a track record of working for number of years. You do not have to reinvent the wheel. You just have to follow a strategy that works and have been tested to work. Here you will get the right solution as your method to follow and improvise to suit your needs.

Power of your beliefs and stories.

Now let me ask you. Have you tried several weight loss programs in vain and always found out that it will never work. If you have a mindset like that, you need to reprogram your mind and thinking. That is because if you attempt something with such a mindset that you believe that it won't work, you are rest assured that you will fail. No doubt you will fail. You are setting the precursor to make the attempt a failure like a self fulfilling prophecy.

Why have you failed in almost all the programs that you have attempted in the past? There could be 2 reasons for this apart from it being a bad strategy. One could be that you are not having the state of mind or readiness to do something or attempt something. The second one is the bigger deal. You might be cloaked with the wrong story. Yes the wrong story. Whenever you fail in something you will create a disastrous story, a story which will limit you. You will be heading to a path to prove to yourself that you can’t lose weight, like the baby elephant syndrome you will believe you can never escape from the bad shape or the situation you are in. You can never improve your life. Over time this will get reinforced and make things even worse. Read the Baby Elephant Syndrome and how to improve your life.

It is very important that you connect your effort with the right story from the very beginning. Here is an example. You might be overweight for years. That’s ok. Now try to find something that you found a breakthrough in your life and that you are proud of now. Maybe how you attracted the right partner to your life. How you learnt something very difficult. How you got a promotion. How you succeeded in something where others couldn’t. Now attach a better story for your weight loss effort. Tell yourself that you can and you will instead of you can’t and you won't. The stories will change to emotions and where the emotions flow the energy goes.

Your state of mind

If you have the right strategy and right story, still you need the last and most powerful piece of the puzzle. That is the state of your mind. You need to change how you feel about the attempt you are going to make. You need to make sure that even before you lose any weight, you make everybody around you feel that you are onto something big by your body language and your posture. You should energize yourself by going through a power routine, like sitting firmly and keeping your head held high even in the absence of everyone. This way your body will learn that you are in control and it needs to drive and give the energy you want to live the day you want. Just the way you use your voice and body can affect your mood and state of mind. It will be hard to just try to think out of the problem if you body is in a state of low energy and lazy state. You have to just get up, stand firm, look at yourself in the mirror with some energy. Move you body firmly with energy in any direction you want. If you do this for just 2 minutes, you will feel the difference and feel more energetic.

The solution.

The below solution is tailor made strategy for those living from very busy lives to very laid back lives. This is a solution which has been time tested with great reviews and thousands and thousands of people and testimonies behind it.

It is time for you to invest sometime and educate yourself to follow a guide, a strategy that will work for you along with changing your belief/story and your state of mind for good. Take your time to read the powerful story and decide for yourself whether it’s worthy to live a better life and use your body in the best possible manner or just go ahead living a lousy life.

May be you are in good shape and good health and fitness. But you might have a friend or family member who deserves your attention and love to overcome their state of low energy and help them achieve their dreams. If this is the case, invest just few minutes of your day to go through the solution and educate yourself so that you can help those who deserve your help.

Time to invest few minutes for a permanent solution.

Get the time tested proven solution to start losing your weight today and make your body work for you the way you want it to.

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