How to improve my life - Baby Elephant Syndrome

You might have read or heard about baby elephant syndrome from many sources or websites. The stunning truth is, it's word for word letter for letter the same story, only the author’s name being different. Here you will read about why it’s important for you to know the baby elephant syndrome and why it matters to you. The more you learn about who you are, what’s stopping you, you will have more answers of “how to improve my life”.

How to improve your life

To improve your life one can search length and breadth of the world to find answers. But it will only benefit you if you are able to find the answers that matters for your life. Most of the time people tend to stop reflecting on their own life when in trouble, rather start looking else where to find solutions or answers to their problems. If you want to really change your life and know how to improve a life to make it more worthwhile, you got to dive deep into your daily thoughts and patterns along with habits. Then you will understand the problem and be able to find the solution you are looking for. Here you will be given a chance to reflect on a syndrome that most of us have and are held back from improving our own lives.

Improve your life - attain freedom

Baby Elephant Syndrome

Elephants are known for its freedom loving nature. Elephant herds roam the forest wandering freely. Their might and power can easily bring down trees and almost destroy anything on its way. To tame this mighty creature, when it’s still a calf (baby elephant) it’s tied to a tree or a pole using a strong rope or chain. With its all might the baby elephant frantically tries to break free and roam freely. It’s still not strong enough to break free. After several attempts over and over again, it gives up and stop struggling realizing it does not have the power and strength to break free.

Elephants are conditioned to be obedient when they are still a calf.

After this struggle is permanently implanted in its brain, it will never in its life will try to struggle and break free when its legs are tied to a pole. When it’s grown to its full size and strength, you can keep it tied to a thin rope to a small tree and it will never attempt to break it though it’s just a matter of its willingness to break the rope or bring down the free in a fraction of a second. Now its brain is perfectly conditioned with its past experience giving an excuse or answer to any attempt or urge it might have to break free.

The mighty, powerful and gigantic animal has limited its abilities and capabilities to a past experienced it had without realizing how easy it will be for it to achieve what it could not achieve while it was a calf.

Might Elephant

We Human Beings and baby elephant syndrome

Baby elephant syndrome - A term of art for hopeless helplessness learned in childhood, which becomes hard-wired in a person’s psyche as he or she develops and matures.

What do we and baby elephants, or for that matter any other animal has in difference. Yes, the major and the only difference is human intelligence and the freedom of choice. We have the power to choose not to believe in false boundaries and attempt anytime anywhere we choose to change and stop believing in perceived limitation with past experiences and those that are falsely implanted by the society and the world.

Most of us when growing up faces so many challenges. From time to time we will be taught of all the limitations we have in our thinking capacity, skills, knowledge and what not. By the time we get matured and start our own life, we will be conditioned with several false perception about ourselves and what we are good at and specially what we are not good at. This keeps us in a tragedy that will make us suffer throughout our lives without being able to use our sheer capacity, knowledge and wisdom to break free from many struggles we will go through in our lives.

For instance you might be always taught that you are not intelligent than a certain person in your family or class. After sometime you will believe for yourself that you are not so. This will hinder and block several opportunities that will pass by you, without any attempt from your side thinking that you are not good enough to even think about it. This conditioning is exactly what a baby elephant goes through and does when it becomes a grown up.

If you are stuck in your life without any improvement to your life year after year, or worse, quality of your life decreases along with the challenges that grows year by year, it’s high time for you to evaluate your thoughts and think of taking a little risk to break the thin rope that you are tied with or the small tree that can be brought down with a single blow that’s holding you back.

Help yourself by getting the right help to overcome fear!

You might think that each and every day is giving you more failure and nothing to really improve. But it’s a simple mindset that can change the whole world around. The fact is, each and every struggle that you go through and each and every set back that you have faced in your life are valuable lessons, wisdom and knowledge that you can use to improve your life when you break free from the cycle or the loop of thinking you do not have what it takes to live the life of your dreams.

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