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What is the value of love and relationships in your life? As humans we can attain great happiness and contentment in life if we achieve a balance in three major areas of our lives; health, wealth, and more importantly, love and relationship. Like it or not, these three areas play a pivotal role in our misery and happiness in the journey through life. So it becomes important to strive to achieve a balance in all the three, even though we all know for a fact that maintaining a harmonious balance in these areas, will always be a challenge.  

The earliest known record of human civilization or existence has been almost over 200,000 years. Remarkably, we have perfected many things, made several discoveries, and our societies have come so far by achieving great heights and advancements. The medical science has improved to levels that we could never have imagined. And the science, in general, has made breakthrough after breakthrough, while improving our lives in leaps and bounds. Yet, even with all the euphoria surrounding the advancement in technology, we are still yet to master the art of achieving a tranquil and harmonious relationship. So the question arises, ‘have we evolved to be better at love, sex and relationships like never before?

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While evolving to be so advanced in all the other areas, the truth about our mastery of love, relationships and sex is that we need to improve and treat these fragile intangible values with more and more care, and more focus than ever before. We need to understand that relationships are the fundamental building block of our societies, and its strength or weakness thereof will determine the overall health and happiness of the overall population.  

You can be wealthy and you can have great health and fitness but if you lack the kind of love and relationships you ought to be surrounded with, you will soon find out that the aforementioned two will soon vanish or have negligible importance. They would no longer be enough to make you feel fulfilled and happy. And without this feeling of fulfilment, you will become a broken soul and no material possession will be able to make you happy.

Most of the time when we attain great wealth and financial independence along with fame, we are sort of cloaked in a veil which prevents people from relating to us in an emotional way. Consequently, this leaves us disconnected from our surrounding emotions and devoid of the ever-important “love” that is invaluable to averting depression, mental illnesses and worse, suicide. The trend of losing touch with one’s surroundings has gotten so bad, that even the common people in today's busy and demanding world almost totally lose their emotional connections which they need to go through the rough routine.

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 What are some of the challenges we face to maintain our love and relationships?

Love is one thing we have to continuously work on for the rest of our lives. We have to always nurture it and care for it like a fragile piece of glass. Because, without paying the right kind of attention to love, it will deteriorate and fade away into the background when not fed with passion or chosen as a priority. Without this care or the lack of love and healthy relationships, this vital spiritual energy can easily turn into heartache and depression. In the end, we are thirsty beings who need this intoxicating fluid, without which we will suffer, and with which we can thrive and prosper.

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 There are many obstacles and challenges we face stopping us from enjoying this golden juicy honey, which gives us energy and life. Not every one of us is armed with all the knowledge and wisdom that is needed to tackle all kinds of challenges we face. This is a fact. And the other thing is, we always need to learn, improve and use the available tools in the most strategic manner to keep the balance in this area of our lives. The systems, the way the economy has been turning its tide on us and many other factors of destructive human behaviour and thinking has made it a huge challenge for us to thrive. This is evidently true for the vast majority of the population. If you would like to read about the impact of being a slave of the economy, please read about that here.  

In this fast-paced world, where social media has made us very social beings, the irony is that we’ve become more disconnected with the world and with our loved ones. We need to realize that Facetiming. Chatting and other features of communication on social media will never be good alternatives to relating in person with a loved one. Because, love is best expressed physically as it as tangible components to it, that are of more importance than its immaterial properties. We all need to understand that our physical presence, body language, smell, touch and many other real-world components are pivotal in making people happy and fulfilled. While we can only take so much through one or two sensory receptors of our body, when it comes to love, it involves almost all of our senses being ignited to engage with another human, to ultimately get the tranquillity and contentment the body and soul need to be balanced.

If you lack the gift of love and healthy relationships in your life, your chances of not enjoying good health and wealth skyrockets. As these three almost always goes hand in hand. To find a solution to all this in this modern times, you need powerful strategies to follow to make your story a better one. If you are reading this in 2018, you need to mentally come out of the box, look at your life in a more objective way and realize that you need to invest some time to make sure that you have enough fuel to get you going.  

Most of the time, when you are facing difficulties in a relationship, you will tend to turn to the closest people around you. And to make matters worse, most of the time the people you surround yourself with will not be in any better shape than you in their own relationships either. This undoubtedly makes your life more difficult. Because following the advice of those who are failing or have failed in their own relationships and love life will be a recipe of disaster for you. Finding a solution and a strategy that will work for you then becomes even less probable when you’re surrounded with people that are struggling with similar problems.

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The golden rule

The golden rule is getting better help when you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship or even when you’re not experiencing challenges in your relationship. There’s always room for improvement! Thus, to improve and sustain a good relationship it’s imperative that you seek help from the right places. Consequently, if you see that a person who wasn't good with his or her relationship before, as somehow found a solution and has been thriving, right there is a good strategy to follow and a place for you to look at and learn something from. If you fail to heed this golden rule, you are likely to buy into more heartache than solutions.

The solutions to your love and relationships

Here we present to you several solutions you can quickly take advantage of to find what’s best for you. These solutions are time-tested, solid and effective as they have continued to work for people over the decades. If you are reading this to improve on any kind of relationship, the best thing to do this is to arm yourself with the right knowledge and change your narrative.

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Please look below and go ahead with what you feel will be the best for you. What you do today might be a life-changing investment that is worth millions of dollars for your future, and yet costs almost nothing if done now. Ask yourself, if you were given an insurance policy to avoid any kind of heartache in your life as far as love, relationships and sex is concerned, how much will you be willing to pay? All that you’ve got most likely. And it’s for no other reason because these things are worth so much to us than we can even imagine. But, guess what?! You’re in luck! This is time for you to invest merely nothing other than your time to gain something as valuable as a life insurance policy.

Save on one or two coffees and a night out in a bar, and spend just minutes of your life to learn about something remarkable for this generation of people. How young or old you’re won’t matter. How hopeful or hopeless you are in your current relationship won’t matter. Whatever it is, you will get assurance for yourself that you have gained something invaluable. 

 While you might be the kind of person who has the knowledge and wisdom to maintain a good relationship and love life with your significant other, there are several other people around you, whom you care you care about that needs your help. This is why we’ve designed our teachings such that after having an in-depth knowledge of our solutions, you’ll be empowered to pass all the valuable information you must have learnt to your friends and loved ones who are not as fortunate as you.

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