Wealthy Affiliate what you need to be aware of - Is it too good to be true?

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Find out what Wealthy Affiliate can do for your online business

Commonly known as: Wealthy Affiliate
For who: Beginners and experts
Fees/price: - $0 for starter membership  – view your account!
Creators /Owners: Kyle and Carson
Website: wealthyaffiliate.com

If you came here to find more about Wealthy Affiliate, in desperate need to know whether you need to be aware of anything about wealthy affiliate or whether to know it is a scam asking yourself “Is is too good to be true?” then you are at the right place. This post will give you enough knowledge about this particular product. Let’s find out what Wealthy Affiliate can do for your online business or for you.

While you are on your way to learn about Wealthy affiliate, let’s pin down what Internet scams are all about and what it will look like. This is a very important topic that you need to be well aware of before you delve on the path to opening an online business or shop around to see what online businesses suits you. This is also very important for those who have already set up an online business and wants to expand with the available resources and tools out there.

Before buying a service or a product from a shop or an establishment, we do our research. Likewise before you enrol in any program over the internet, it is always good to read reviews and find out about the product you are looking at, its pros and cons. Doing research will most importantly give your the edge to avoid online scams (a big time problem). The amount of information and knowledge you have will be a determining factor. Depending on your resourcefulness or the lack of thereof can either hurt you or help you to make it the deal maker of all time for you and your online business.

What is an Internet or online scam? what suits a scheme to be an online scam?

There are several thousands of schemes which fall into the category of online scams. Here we will be looking at the area which we are concerned about. Scams that will rip you off promising to deliver a profitable online business or earning from home or something along that line.

First of all, we have to be very clear of what to consider as a scam. For an instance lets consider this example. Let’s say you buy a very expensive product from a pharmacy. This is done under the recommendation and prescription of a doctor. This particular product was supposed to give you a good result for an ailment you are suffering from. After consuming it for several days or months, you find out that it did not help you in anyway. Can this be considered a scam or you being ripped off by a doctor,the pharmacy or the company which makes this product in question? No, in this case most of us won’t consider that particular product to be a scam, rather we will recognize it as a product that did not help your need at that particular time for that particular ailment. The same doctor may again recommend something else, either expensive or cheap, which may deliver you the result you have been longing for, and the product might be from the same company.

The products that are floating around the internet giving solutions to build your own business, earning online or making a living while at home has vast differences, different lengths and breaths. The same product that might not work for you might work for someone else. There are products sold for very very high tickets (in the order of couple of thousands of US dollars to hundreds of thousands of US dollars). Some claims to be done for you businesses online while others offer counselling and mentorship to build your business from zero to millions of dollars within months. Be aware that most of the high ticket products are masked in a way you will never know what they will deliver to you. If you would like to look into a high ticket product please follow this link to learn about an Academy where you can invest and build a strong online business.

Thousands of people are buying into products with their life savings to get back their lost freedom. Hoping to advance in life and create wealth. You have to safeguard yourself from any product before you do your due research with diligence. Doing the right research can identify the product as something that might not be the right product for you though it may not be a scam. If you paid thousands of dollars and didn’t get anything for what you paid for, or if they did not deliver service to your satisfaction, then it will become a scam for you.

It is obvious that not every treatment will be the treatment that will be good for you, some may turn out bad for you and some will give the result you are looking for. Even in health, if you are treated with a wrong treatment, you might find yourself in a worse state than you started of with. In this sense, if you are new, you ought to play safe until you can really understand what’s inside the box before you buy into high tickets, specially if you cannot afford to have really expensive lessons (failures) in life at this point and time. Some have the liberty to test the waters at their will, but not everybody does.

To avoid scams always make sure you understand their offer and the hidden meaning between the lines, Also make sure you do the research on the products positive and negative aspects, and others experiences. The best way to find out would be to attend a free seminar or sign up for a free trial without giving your credit card information.

A peek inside Wealthy Affiliate right here

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

You came across Wealthy Affiliate at several places, and everywhere you turn you see positive reviews about it. Now you might be desperate to read some bad reviews about it exposing it as a scam. This has been a common practice for a long time. Now it’s time for you to really understand what Wealthy Affiliate is so that you can make a fair unbiased judgement for yourself with the information you have and the research you did.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005, 10 solid years and counting. There is a saying by experts in many fields that if somebody is good at something and if they have at least solid 10 years of track record of success, thats a good strategy worth following. Same advice goes for relationships, health and fitness and money making. If someone was in bad shape in any of those areas and they got over with it and stayed better for 10 years and going, right there is something worth noting, something worth learning from.

What Wealthy Affiliate is many things. It’s a university or a platform where you get empowered to do many things online to your heart's content. Let’s take few examples. The team behind Freedom life academy has experience with wealthy affiliate in different perspectives.

Adam, one of the founders of Freedom Life Academy, who then barely knew how internet works decided that he needed time freedom and financial independence. He was hoping he could live the life he wants with his family and friends. This guy started searching how to earn money. Among several suggestions were Wealthy Affiliate. Since it did not cost anything for him to join the program, he right away signed up. After going through all the free materials the online university offered, he was able to build his own online business and achieve his dreams.

To be successful in any online business you need to have the following:

1 - Online presence - your foundation (Websites, blogs, social media etc). 

2 - A proper education system which evolves and adapts to the latest trends (this allows you to build your business and grow).

3 - An expert support system available on demand and at your will (one of the most valuable and expensive aspects of successful businesses is they have like minded master mind groups, mentors and teams around them).

If you have those 3 vital areas covered, you are literally assured that it’s your willpower and determination from having a successful online business, where you do not have to worry about any fluctuations or radical changes in the world economy. Let’s compare those 3 with Wealthy Affiliate

Online Presence

Logically, online presence is the foundation of an online business. Your business is suppose to have its presence for your customers or guests to interact or consume any product or services you provide. Wealthy Affiliate, even for the free signup, and as a starter member provides you with hosting of two websites for free. You are given step by step line by line guidance to set it up, how to set it up and why you have to set it up the way you want to for the business you desire. Along with setting up of the websites/blogs, you are given the opportunity of rich resource of how to handle it from scratch. This free start up can help newbies and also those who have knowledge about websites and information technology. While educating you with the technicality of setting up a website/blog, Wealthy Affiliate also have tutorials, blogs and videos in place to set up your niche in all aspects as a lucrative business.

A proper education system

Wealthy affiliate is more about education. Tutorials ranging from articles, blogs to full fledged videos are in place to let you learn the very needed skills and knowledge to run a business successfully. The tutorials are backed with a powerful internal forum where you can interact with students and masters real time. This is a unique platform which lets you grown by leaps and bounds. The standard membership provides you the opportunity to take advantage of all this for free. The premium membership can be a heaven for anyone who is interested and serious about learning and growing their business as a profession.

Expert support system

Once you are on your journey to start something new, you can overcome the heart aching hurdles and obstacles in minutes and hours if you have a strong system of support. Without this support you will be losing valuable time of your life while searching for resource elsewhere. The opportunity cost of not having the right help at the right time is always unbearably costly in any business. When you look back you will realise that if you knew this or that at the right time you could have saved months or years in your journey to attain success.

Wealthy affiliate provides a rigid, state of the art platform to get help anywhere and anytime you need in any area of building an online business. Right forums are set in places to interact with people who have gone through exactly the same steps that you are going to go through. Also you can interact with experts in any field and aspect of online business that you are hoping to build. This kind of help, mentorship and mastermind groups are sold for several thousands of dollars in many online businesses and coaching centers. But the model in place at wealthy Academy provides this service as a basic necessity for anyone who wants to give a shot in succeeding online.

The premium version provides you with more and more.

Quick question - If you were given the above tools, materials and platform for free (including free hosting) for life without having to give any bank or credit card information, will it be considered a scam in any form or sense? If you would like to explore yourself and see what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer please sign up here 

What’s so unique about Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate can be compared with a university. But it is in no way limited to a university. You can ask for yourself, is there any university or a platform in the world, easily accessible, affordable and attainable where each and every student can learn, grow, build your own business and at the same time earn and make Wealthy Affiliate even your own business if that’s what you desire.

Wealthy Affiliate is a unique platform where you will be held by hand to guide you through the process to become an entrepreneur doing an online business. It provides all the aspects anyone seeking to earn money online and build a business covering the important areas of training, tools, like minded community and support. This is a hard aspect you will find in any product out there, specially so available for anyone who has nothing to spend or who has something to invest along with time.

Who is behind Wealthy Affiliate? What’s their motive?

Wealthy Affiliate is co owned by Kyle and Carson. They are both advanced webmasters. Now very successful businessmans who help others become entrepreneurs. Their IT backgrounds have given them the edge to create the state of the art technology internet platform providing all the resources mentioned earlier in a seamless and integrated way. On top of that they both are like many philanthropists (definition needs a change), who have their core engraved in helping to build a community around them, who wants to help anybody who wants to succeed doing online business or to earn online, get a fair shot.

Compare Wealthy Affiliate with a typical college or university.

If you are still in a college or university it will be easy for you to picture this, but if you are off college or studying life, you will be able to understand it even better. For conventional studying we pay tuition fees in the thousands. By the time we are out of college, we will have a ton of debt to pay off for years to come. Compare this with wealthy affiliate where if you are a starting member you don’t have to pay anything.

If you are a determined person who would want something out of your effort and be fully committed towards your business to find your freedom, you can become a premium member. How much does it cost? For the full benefit of the institution with all the support you need. You pay less than a dollar (less than $1) per day. What do you get in return we may ask.

Quick Question - Considering what Wealthy Affiliate offers, along with what you will learn even the first day you sign up as a free member, can you consider Wealthy Affiliate as a scam or being near to a scam? By now you have enough knowledge about Wealthy Affiliate to make a judgment for yourself, or better yet sign up for free and enjoy some premium benefits for few days for free that’s waiting for you if you follow the link and sign up today. What else is better than you get to test the system for yourself without paying anything, to find out without having to give out any credit card information. But for those who are serious about building an online business and starting something really seriously please read on.

What does premium members enjoy at Wealthy Affiliate?

Let’s be straight forward here. There are three methods by which you can be a member. The first one as we know is sign up as a free member. The second method is, if you are happy with the system and serious about giving a shot seriously, you can upgrade to a premium member for a first month discounted price of $19 and subsequent month for $49. If you want to keep the monthly cost low you can pay for a one year full subscription ($359 per year) in full bringing down monthly investment towards Wealthy Affiliate to just $29 per month. Now compare this with an average university or for that matter other online universities which gives several times less than what Wealthy Affiliate would offer you.

Let’s take a look at what premium members get to enjoy.

Compare Starter to Premium

Below is the difference between a starter member and what a premium member will enjoy.

MORE tools, MORE training, MORE Support, MORE Everything.

To get the on time bonus of $19 for the first month to be a premium member please register as a premium member

Success stories about Wealthy Affiliate

If you would like to know about the success people had at wealthy affiliate, below are some of those who have achieved what you maybe looking for. We would request you to join for free and witness for yourself of the energetic and enthusiastic environment they provide there. It’s a Free and like minded community, so you will eventually come across inside information that you would have never believed that it would exist.

What are some of the drawbacks at Wealthy Affiliate?

If you are not the kind of person who has determination and will to use an opportunity when it passes you, then wealthy affiliate is not the right place for you. When you join for the first time and you are not familiar with any technological thing, you might feel it’s information overload until you get hold of how the information is organized throughout the system.

Final verdict.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best systems out there for anyone who is looking for earning money online, grow an existing online business or someone who would learn about online business as a whole. The system is fully capable of delivering to the very newbies to internet and online businesses, to experts in the field.

Quick question - OK it’s not a scam, but what’s the motive behind Wealthy Affiliate? How do they earn money?

Wealthy Affiliate is an entrepreneur creating machine by itself, which sustains the echo system using the members who would want to earn being an affiliate to the university itself and many more. Wealthy Affiliate is strong and robust with a 98% rating along with a very good reputation. When something is built on good and ethical foundations, it’s built for long term, benefiting many who comes across it without hurting anyone along the way. Unlike MLM companies and other high ticket consultation companies, Wealthy Affiliate offers quality education and over delivers what it promises compared to any commitment or investment you do as a premium member. As for a free member you do not have to be afraid of losing any money, if you spend time you will benefit with the knowledge you will gain from the giant.

If you would like to join as a free member register here.

If you would like to take the one time advantage of paying $19 for the first month and become a premium member right away, please go here.

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